BVRio signs commitment to support the Circular Plastics Programme in the Americas (CPAP)

BVRio has signed a commitment this week to support the Circular Plastics Programme in the Americas (CPAP), led by the European Union (EU), which aims to strengthen cooperation between Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Canada, contributing to the transition to a Circular Economy (CE).

CPAP’s focus is on Innovation, Technology Demonstration and New Models for Circular Plastics, supporting the transition to sustainable plastic consumption and production. One of the objectives of the Programme is to strengthen international cooperation and legal frameworks together with national and local authorities, and to promote knowledge sharing and demonstration of European approaches and solutions for territories. Starting in 2022, BVRio’s Circular Economy team will participate in events related to the Programme.

CPAP will contribute to the EU, meeting its global climate commitments and industrial policy objectives by supporting the international aspects of the EU Plastics Strategy in the Americas Region. “Through its pioneering and innovative experience, BVRio will collaborate on activities such as assessing the challenges of the plastics value chain,” commented BVRio COO, Claudia Jeunon.