Archive - Month: June 2023

PlanaFlor Advisory Board establishes engagement strategies for the sustainable development agenda in Brazil

The PlanaFlor Advisory Board held its first face-to-face meeting on 16 June to identify engagement strategies to promote the strategic plan for sustainable development in Brazil, based on the effective implementation of the Forest Code. The meeting was attended by the coordinators of the project and the board members, who have distinguished roles in different […]


Fishing for litter as a blueprint for tackling ocean pollution

In recent weeks, global conversations have focused on issues related to the protection of the environment under the theme of tackling plastic pollution, providing an opportunity to call on governments, cities and businesses to invest in and implement solutions to end the problem.  Today, that conversation turns to efforts that promote the preservation of marine […]


Helping shape Angola’s EPR thinking

Last month while working on the roll-out of the KOLEKT waste management app in Angola, an AfricaRise programme funded by the EU, Circular Action Director, Thierry Sanders, was invited by the National Waste Agency of Angola to assist with the country’s thinking regarding introducing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation.  Calling on over a decade of […]