Archive - Month: December 2022

Pilot project encourages households in Rio de Janeiro to recycle more

A waste recycling cooperative in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is participating in a pilot project run by BVRio and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (Alliance) to encourage higher levels of recycling by households. The project will also provide additional income to waste pickers who sort the material, with the potential to increase in the […]


Beyond Carbon Credits: the potential of climate finance to promote greater ambitions in tropical forest conservation

By Beto Mesquita, BVRio’s Director of Forests and Public Policies. Exceeding expectations, climate finance was treated as a key issue at COP27, but the conference outcomes still fall far short of what is needed to increase the world’s climate ambition. The historic decision to create a loss and damage fund for developing countries and those […]


Circular Credits Mechanism (CCM) – Monitoring Report Template

This Monitoring Report template provides a form for projects (e.g. waste picker organizations) that carry out waste recovery (collection, sorting, proper disposal) to report the results of their monitoring activities. It is designed to assist project lead organizations in compiling, organizing and reporting on the quantitative impact of activities.